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Hey guys! Thanks for the share. We're basically trying to learn how to help people make decisions between products/services. We're working really hard at the moment to try and make the Information Architecture more intuitive to navigate & understand. For example on this topic: If you click around a bit you will hopefully realise that we have a continually updated, crowdsourced & ordered list of the reasons why people picked (and did not pick) a certain option. Our focus at the moment is to clean up the UI and make it easier to understand what is going on to generate the content shown. Would love to hear any feedback or ideas!
Super cool and very complimentary to Product Hunt. Would love to get your buddy/the founder in this discussion, @nbt. Want to throw him an invite to login and I'll give him access to comment?
@rrhoover @nbt reminds me of how far both Product Hunt & Slant have traveled in 3 years..! Wow - great job on you both!
Welcome, @StuartKearney! How are you moderating answers and preventing people from disingenuously recommending their own products?
@rrhoover this is built into the architecture of the product. We have no problems with people adding their own products and adding reasons why they like them. If the community at large agree with what was added it will be voted higher, if it's misleading it will either get edited or won't receive votes. The problem is less stopping people from adding the content, but from stopping them from manipulating the vote data. For this we will apply a similar voting ring detector as HN as well as publically surface voting data so users can see where the votes came from. Agreed this is a challenge though....for now I just spend my evenings going through the usage data to spot any issues. The 2nd layer is that popular topics get moved into a "featured" state which then require moderator approval to edit further. The moderator system is similar to the SO system where as users gain trust within Slant they get more privileges.