Slackbot for Highrise

Tasks & convos with customers recorded in a simple CRM

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This was an idea largely just handed to us from a friend @marcprecipice. At Skyliner ( they were doing something neat with Slack and inbound leads using this plugin: To get leads automatically invited to a Slack channel. And Marc wanted to save those convos to his CRM (Highrise). So all the credit really goes to Marc for dreaming this up, I think he might have even built his own version before we had a chance to :) But we thought we'd use that as a launching point for more useful Slack+Highrise features, so we built conversation recording, and some task management stuff into our first Slackbot. More on their way. Please let us know if you need anything from it! Hope you are having an awesome week. Please let me know too if you have any questions at all about this or anything under the sun - including raising a two year old; though I might have more questions and trouble there than I have advice :/
@natekontny Thanks! I have to hook yours up and give it a try. Looking forward!
@marcprecipice Awesome. And of course we are all ears if you need anything else. :) That was a brilliant idea. We should have a nice base now to add some more really useful stuff to Slack+Highrise. And please let me know when you are in town! I owe you a very nice meal at the very very least - not just for our Slackbot :)
Awesome 💪 I've been using Highrise for almost a decade, Slack since 2014, so your integration is really the bridge I needed. Keep up with the good work!