Add tasks to your Notion within Slack

We wanted a quicker way to add tasks to Notion without disrupting our workflow so we created Slack2notion. We hope this can help people to be more productive.
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I got this today and have already started using it! This is an awesome product! One small suggestion from my use of it - if the "/slack2notion" command was shorter like "s2n" it would make it way easier to use.
@martz_andrew or even just /notion
Brett Chang
Co-founder, NoCode Notion
👋 Hunters! We’re super excited to announce the launch of Slack2Notion. The fastest way to add new tasks to Notion, all within Slack. We love using Notion to run our business, plan our lives and track habits but we wanted to come up with a quicker way to add tasks to Notion without disrupting our workflow. That’s why we built Slack2Notion. Using the tool, you can get set-up in minutes and start to quickly add database items to Notion directly from your Slack chat. How does it work? ➡️ Let’s say you’re having a conversation in Slack about an upcoming project and need to remind yourself to draft the project plan. ➡️ Simply type /Slack2Notion task create project plan and ta da, your task has been instantly added to your ‘Tasks’ database in Notion It’s the fastest way to enter new database items into a Notion page and we’re super pumped to get it into the wild. 🚀We’re still in beta and are using Notion’s unofficial API but would love for you to try it and get your feedback ahead of the official API’s launch.
Caelin SutchHuman Centric Product Developer
This is sweet, really makes it super easy to work with Notion in slack!
🤯🤯🤯🤯 Bridging those gaps like a boss.
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