Slack to Feedly / Flipboard / RSS

Create an RSS feed from links in your Slack channels

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Hey ProductHunt! I found it increasingly difficult to keep up with all the links my team was sharing in Slack so I hacked together this quick and dirty open source project to generate an RSS feed from the links shared in a channel. You can add these feeds to Feedly, Flipboard, or your favourite RSS reader so you can read them in a beautiful UI while you're on your commute or on the can 💩 All you need to get started is your Slack Web API Token ( - once you've copied it to your clipboard, just click the "Deploy to Heroku" button and you're good to go. Hope you find it useful! Mike
@gozmike What's also great is that you can put the RSS feed into Pocket, and have the articles available offline :)
@edchan77 Thanks for the tip Edward! There are a few long form blogs I always Pocket, but I didn't even think about sending them straight to it. Good call. :)
@gozmike Wow! This is superb. I've been using feedly for a long time, and now I'm gonna test this for sure :)
This is excellent! I've also got an appetite for reading and a team who's great at sharing interesting stuff to read, which means I struggle to stay focused. I will be using the RSS to set up an IFTTT recipe as well, I think - @edchan77, thanks for the idea!
Fantastic! As much as I adore Slack, it isn't the best interface for storing the articles and posts that its format invites users to share. Thrilled to be able to automate this part of my day.