Slack Shared Channels

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Whether you work at a 10-person firm or a company that’s 10,000 strong, channels in Slack give your team a foundation for work that’s fundamentally different and far more effective than email. They organize conversations, keep communication open and transparent, and create a searchable archive that anyone on your team can reference.

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Founder & Head of Product

Forcing both teams to be on a paid tier seems like a pretty big oversight/pain. We rely heavily on Slack but some of our client's which WE would benefit from (as paying customer's) do not rely on Slack enough to warrant a paid tier for them.

It seems short sighted - it's an opportunity to get new companies into the platform. It feels like Slack is looking at it from the standpoint

A) "Excellent! We can use this to get companies to upgrade to the paid tier! Even companies that don't even need our paid tier!"

Instead of

B) Existing Slack user "Hey client/vendor, get on Slack for your org so that you can contact our team easier and you can speak internally to your team" - Also, if we weren't already on a paid tier, we will upgrade so that we can use this feature with our clients.

With option B, now only are we promoting Slack to other companies, but we are ALSO upgrading to a paid tier if we aren't already. With option A (which currently exists), it just makes me upset as a paying user that we can't use a feature that we would like to use. Seems like the wrong route to take if you ask me..

Especially with the increased competition now with Microsoft's solution, Google's solution (Meet & Chat), and now HipChat totally redesigned and rebranded (built from the ground up) Stride by Atlassian (which looks great). Missed opportunity here as competition is growing. I don't get it Slack, what's going on here..?


Great feature that is needed and happy with the implementation. Have been dying for this type of functionality for a while. Good work!


Requires both teams to be on a paid plan. Seems very short-sighted. An awesome opportunity to get more teams onboard Slack.

Chatbots and Alexa skills

Slack is great but I belong to at least 10 slack groups and have different credentials on each one. The slack tabs works well but this seems better


Will be able to have one slack ID and hot have to switch between accounts


No yet

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My biggest issue with slack at the moment, I've got about 6 slacks for work, and another 6 as communities.

Its a huge resource hog having all these channels open at once.

Shared channels is a step on the right direction, but whats really needed is single sign on and a better performing desktop app that does not load up multiple instances of slack.

Additionally, a better pricing option is needed for communities. Per user pricing does not make sense for most communities who have thousands of members. They would gladly pay a price that reflects their use case, but current pricing just isnt sustainable.


Potentially reduces number of slack channels open


Not useful for slack communities