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Schedule, view & change your meetings right from Slack.

This Kono Slack integration can help you:

* Set up a team meeting right on Slack

- @kono schedule a meeting with @jason and @michelle this wed

- @kono set up a quick call with @ali tomorrow

* Set up a meeting at a specific time

- @kono schedule a meeting with @emi at 3pm tomorrow

- /kono set up a meeting with @emi at 10am next Friday

* View your work calendars without leaving Slack

- @kono what do I have for next week?

- /kono show my events today

* Make changes to existing meetings

- @kono change the meeting with @kay tomorrow

- @kono cancel my meeting with @lucas today

Why Kono is awesome?

* Kono finds optimal days & times regarding your teammates' contexts

* Providing buttons & pull down menus for incomplete commands.

* Allow cross-communication between emails & your Slack! Sync with your own calendars.

* Enjoy scheduling unlimited number of meetings for free!

As you are using Kono, Kono learns more about you!

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YJ @ kono.aiMakerPro@yjmin · CEO @
Hi 👋🏽 Product Hunt community! I'm YJ from Kono Team. We are really excited to provide Kono Slack integration for Slack lovers. Schedule a meeting in seconds on Slack, search your events and change them right from your Slack workspace. Kono is still learning natural expressions and your scheduling habits. Please join us & train Kono together! My teammates and I will be happy to answer your questions! 🤗