The new Draftedbot uses the new Slack Forms API to streamline employee referral programs. You can refer a friend, add notes, and specify if your friend is already interested in the position or whether someone from your recruiting team should reach out. It's the best way to keep employees engaged!

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David Cancel
David CancelHunterHiring@dcancel
Uses new Slack forms API - you can fill out details about your referral without leaving slack e.g notes, instructions for the hiring team, and specifying whether your candidate is interested or needs to be sold - those fields map to the referral fields in your ATS (greenhouse / lever) - and then aggregates all referrals into a #referrals channel for review by talent team. Oh, and you get light weekly analytics about your referrals too :)
Vinayak Ranade
Vinayak RanadeMaker@pseudovirtual · CEO at Drafted
Hey PH fam! The next step in our mission to change how companies think about hiring through referral programs - from being just a reactive referral bonus announcement, to being proactive where you can engage every employee in a personalized way and make it *easy* easy easy for them to refer. Thanks to the team @SlackAPI for making this integration possible!
Andrew Stetsenko
Andrew Stetsenko@stetsenko_me · Founder @ | GlossaryTech
@slackapi @pseudovirtual I love the UI of your apps and it's already proved that Slack automation can open hidden reserves in different niches, in particular in referrals. Great job!
Mike Volpe
Mike Volpe@mvolpe · CEO at
Making referrals easier to do is the key to getting more of them!
Jeff Whelpley
Jeff WhelpleyPro@jeffwhelpley · co-founder and CTO of GetHuman
I am always trying to get my friends to work with me, but now with Draftedbot it becomes really easy to get an extra reward. Thanks, Draftedbot.
Vinayak Ranade
Vinayak RanadeMaker@pseudovirtual · CEO at Drafted
Here's what the @SlackAPI team had to say about it