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I use Slack every day, and I don’t just use it for work. I’m in 10+ Slack chats that I use to hang out with friends, to network with entrepreneurs, to talk about coffee, to discuss social media tactics, and even to share new music. 😍 🎶 ☕ 🐹 🙌 Slack has become the #1 place I socialize, and I’m not alone. Over 2.3 million people around the world are chatting on Slack every single day. But, there’s a problem. It has been incredibly difficult to keep up with so many Slack chats. If you are in multiple Slack chats you will understand exactly what I’m talking about. To solve this problem we have created the Slack News Feed. It allows you to quickly catch up on all your Slack chats by showing you the top posts from every channel you are in. We think it’s pretty awesome. We can’t wait for you to check out the Slack News Feed. Let us know what you think. • Screen shot of what the feed looks like: https://ph-files.imgix.net/84817... • Want to get in touch? Email team@hamsterpad.com
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@mattprd Fantastic idea, for the longest time, I've missed out on many discussions due to the massive amounts of chatter going on. Happy to see that this will help me keep up to date and informed.
@mattprd cant wait for this to become more comprehensive with being able to take actions directly from here :) awesome work Do you think Slack will bring out a similar function soon?
@mattprd I agree, there is a problem. So SMART to spot and tackle it. Well done!
@mattprd @hamsterpad It's nice first of all. By the way how one can integrate with slack in order to view all news feeds within slack than another dedicated page?
Hey Matt, how do you identify top posts from a channel?
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Yes, that's interesting. Some sort of language processing?
@mythun 🎩💫
I'd be worried about people being able to hack top posts to swamp your feeds in this way...
@mattprd truly lives on Slack. Impressed with his pace of building.
@geoffreywoo You live on Slack too! 🙌 If anyone is interested in fasting, you should check out Geoffrey's Slack chat right now. They talk about Intermittent Fasting every day + they do meetups: https://www.hamsterpad.com/chat/...
I ❤️ 🐹
@charlesjo 💪💪💪
@troy_ruediger that's exactly what I was thinking.