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PKMaker@kaminskypavel ·
Hi Hunters, Pavel and Uri are here. We've created 'Slack Meme Bot' just so you can spice up your team's conversationד, within Slack rather than alt-tabbing every single time. We would love to hear your thoughts and feedbacks :)
Works great for us in TestFairy. Well done @kaminskypavel :)
Danny Lowney
Danny Lowney@dannylowney · Growth ⛏@ Sup
Nice! @jcampbell_05 I think we should use this 😉
Neeraj Thakur
Neeraj Thakur@neerajt4 · Marketer |
Memes > Emoticons !
PKMaker@kaminskypavel ·
@neerajt4 absolutely.
Michael Lajlev
Michael Lajlev@lajlev · Digital product designer
@neerajt4 Naaa meme is so much better than gifs and emoticons! #retro ftw
BhavyaHiring@zingbhavya · Co-founder zipboard
Just set it up. Very quick to integrate. But a very short list :( Team still likes giphy.
PKMaker@kaminskypavel ·
@zingbhavya whats missing? :)