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Leon Pals
@leonpals · Chairman Startup Foundation
Slack so good, I'm almost quitting Facebook (:
Jonathan B Strong
@jonbstrong · Softlayer Community Development Manager
@cpollo01 nice collection! Similar to chats.directory (previously hunted). Btw have you checked with Slack that they are ok with you using their brand name? (see https://slack.com/brand-guidelines) I created something similar but had to take it down. Slack Chats also rebranded to Chit Chats..
Robleh Jama
@robjama · Product @Shopify prev.@Tiny Hearts acq'd
Slack addicts will love this one. I discovered a few new chat groups through this site-- made by @cpollo01
Violeta Nedkova
@violetanedkova · Marketing Coach Extraordinaire
Why is Maker Hunt not on the list, guys? :)
Alexander Singh
Nice job @cpollo01 the design is great. I just submitted Domino (http://www.senddomino.com) a public Slack for freelancers.