Read Hacker News right from Slack

We're considering building a PH 👉 Slack integration but haven't had the time. If anyone wants to build it, please let me know. Our API is open and docs are here. cc @matmullen, @stewart
EDIT: See this new thing with PH support: Hey everyone. Maker here. This is a dead simple (maybe even stupid) slash command for Slack I made when I was bored last week. You type /hn and it will fetch and show you the current HN homepage. If you like it, feel free to upvote it! :)
That would be awesome! @karan - If you have any questions as you're building it out, feel free to reach out and I'll connect you with the right people at Slack.
@karan @matmullen Thanks Mat. I made this: I do have a question though. How can I make this a default integration? :D