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A faster and nicer Slack built on Electron



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Guilherme Rambo — I make apps
It's better than the previous app, but I still think Slack deserves a fully native Mac app. This Electron app is 175MB once installed and uses A LOT of memory.
Txai Wieser — iOS Developer
@_inside Agreed, PLEASE make a real native app!
Derek Nuzum — Product Manager | Web Developer
@_inside 100% agreed. I understand the ease of building electron apps for cross-platform, but they're not efficient at all. And, with a ton of apps going the electron route, it really starts to bog a system down. :/
Joshua Pinter — Product Dev at CNTRAL. Maker of ntwrk.
@_inside *cough* React Native
Tom Redman — Technical Product Manager, Buffer
@_inside Agreed here - this is the biggest pain point for me after switching from HipChat (which is super _duper_ speedy switching between rooms/channels).
Sebastian Limbach — Associated Consultant
@_inside Totally agree with you. Electron is a great way to provide a "native" Mac App fast, but I by myself enjoy the fully native Apps way more! Better performance and memory management. Also it just looks nicer in the macOS ecosystem.
Sebastian Kim — Co-founder, engineer of Bark
@_inside +100 - MacGap => Electron feels like 2x-10x faster depending on the use-cases, but it still feels like a web app imo
Derek Shanahan — Pub Strategy @ SuperRewards
@_inside This. Slack hogs memory, a constant annoyance.
David Carpe — Thinker & Layabout
@_inside but how will they build a native app without more funding? they simply need another 100m...
Jason McMinn — VP of Product, LocusLabs
@_inside All that VC money and that can't make a native desktop app? ;-(
Sureshkumar G — Co,Founder - CEO at MacAppStudio
@_inside We too agree, if @paul and @steward needs any help they can ping us. We create native mac apps and we are called macappstudio :)
Niv Dror — Writer/Social Editor @ProductHunt
Great article on @TheNextWeb about Slack's Beta.

Key Section:

Their current macOS app is built using MacGap, which is a wrapper for web apps — so technically, it was just a port of the web version of the Slack website in a desktop window. However, the beta is rebuilt from the ground up using Electron, speeding things up significantly."

It mostly still looks like the same old Slack, you’ll immediately notice these key improvements:
• Insanely fast start-up and team switching
• The team bar now changes according to your color scheme
• A fancy new top without that ugly desktop frame
• The app in general is way more speedy
Juan Buis — Reporter at The Next Web
@nivo0o0 ✌️
Vytas Butkevicius — Product, Crowdcontrolhq
@nivo0o0 @thenextweb Massive improvements! my Slack app is now on steroids (and no, I didn't just spend 2 minutes switching between teams)
Rotem Yakir — CEO/CTO Guggy - Fun-up Your Message
Christian Montoya — Founder, Montoya Industries
@nivo0o0 @thenextweb For the record, Electron is a web app wrapper just like MacGap. MacGap is just a dead project whereas Electron has a lively community and ongoing updates.
Peter Cooper — Publisher-in-chief, Cooper Press
@cm0nt0y4 @nivo0o0 @thenextweb Fun bit of trivia for people as well, MacGap was originally developed by Alex MacCaw who now does Clearbit :-)
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