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Slack is a platform for team communication: everything in one place, instantly searchable, available wherever you go. For new teams signing up through Product Hunt, we'll add $150 of Slack credits to your account: $100 in credit when you first sign up and an additional $50 after your first day trying out Slack with your team.
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@matmullen Big fan of slack, fantastic for in work communication. Only thing I would love to see is better file management integration. I don't think it should be in slack itself, but I'd love to be able to have my file structure from google drive easily accessible or something like that.
Thanks @blainehatab. That's great feedback and something I'll pass along to our integrations team.
@matmullen And what if we're already paying customers? :)
@austenallred @matmullen 2nd that =). Slack rocks. When we speak with press, we avidly advocate for Slack (especially if you are distributed)
Slack is awesome - Add Trello and Github and it kicks ass
Love love love Slack!
@matmullen any plans to move into the education market? I am suffocating from university emails, blackboard, and all the things.
@michael_mclean @matmullen In the much longer term, it'll be interesting to see where slack goes. I think with their current feature set there's already some significant value they can add to the education industry. I'm sure there are some education specific features that would be nice, but branching out and specializing for each industry would be really challenging imo.