A gorgeous voice recording app with embedded images

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I've known Soham Mondal, the developer, for several years now and have seen literally every iteration. The amount of attention he's paid to every detail of the app is amazing, and there's a reason the pro version of the app was featured on Google Play as well. He's also done a great job of using Play Store's Alpha/Beta community.
The image and timeline features really make this app worthwhile, but the beautiful ui is a nice plus :).
+1 for use on a tablet...usually apps just upscale images + it looks horrible, these guys actually cared it seems.. nice one
Adding image did not work for me on android, on a galaxy s3 (android-4.3) and on a nexus 7 (android 5.1). On phone, adding a picture will crash app ; on tablet, it won't crash but won't add anything either. Tested both when adding image just after recording, and when adding image from menu in recording list. Tested with images from google drive and with image from fs. Feel free to ping me if you need help testing on those devices.
@oelmekki hi Olivier, sorry about that, we've tested quiet a bit on the nexus 7 and samsung devices, we'd be happy to troubleshoot it with you, could you please email us at and we'll look at it right away.
@s0h4m Np, good thing if this is related to my own environment :) (the main common point between the two devices being they are linked to the same google account). I mail you with more details, thanks.
@oelmekki thank you Olivier :)
Love the attention to detail in this app. Indeed it is a "gorgeous app"! Any chance of seeing this app soon in iOS? ;)
@anenth thank you Anenth, we'd love to have it on iOS as well, that is all I can say at this stage :)