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not a logical UX at the moment. It was not clear that I should type in the place that it says "united states" and "anywhere" - they're not clearly defined as input boxes. I tested my usual route of San Francisco to London and it didn't show me any good results. In fact it only showed ones taking weird detours.
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@_jacksmith Thanks for your feedback. We're aware of some UX issues and are working hard on a fixing them. As for the routes - we're not cheap on all of them, basically we're good at the routes where there's no direct connection, so especially the less frequented ones. We're, however, constantly working on expanding our inventory.
@oliverdlouhy ok. ya it wasn't about price, it was that it didn't show me any direct flights. only ones with stops
@_jacksmith Oh yeah, got it. This is because we only have low-cost carriers in our system and some routes simply are not covered by them. We will add the standard GDS carriers support very soon, so stay tuned :-)
@_jacksmith i agree. i got confused by the UX. took me 1 min to realize how to operate a search
@_jacksmith @oliverdlouhy I like the visual appearance but I have to agree the interaction is very, very confusing and just inconvenient; I would be so much faster just typing in my route, which it - weirdly - wouldn't let me. Wondering how many users you'd win if you could fix this. Eg as a mac user, I'm absolutely not used to using left and right clicks.
Skypicker is not my product but I like their different approach to budget flight search issues - they are focused on low-cost airlines, use interactive map and more importantly for me, they are based in the Czech Republic
Really glad to see you guys again! I enjoyed looking at Skypicker back in the day but haven't used it since I left Europe, but I'll investigate again. We're working on a lot of the same stuff but optimized for mobile @hitlist_app (
Wow - phone number, live chat AND a mailto: right on the homepage. That is service.
@mm Thank you Morgan =)
Nice, similar to but doesn’t have automatic touring