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Flat rate flying club - $199/month subscription, $35 flights


SkyHi is the first flat rate flying club that takes the pricing guesswork out of travel.

Pay 1 monthly subscription

Flights start at $35.

Fly 5 times in 1 month.

Get $35 in SkyHi credit using this link: https://flyskyhi.com/invited/krism

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Such a great way to save on travel!


Access to Travel & cost savings


not Enough vacation days

#6 Hunter. eSkateboards are my jam

FREE FLIGHT using this link: https://flyskyhi.com/invited/krism


Reasonable pricing for the value you get


You should have a life that either A) requires you to travel for work often or B) one heck of a lifestyle where you get to travel for fun

Fulltime traveler & product guy.

I'm a full-time traveler, so I was excited for this, but it's really only great for business travellers - and even there, mostly in the US.

For instance, most of the European destinations you can fly normally for close to $35 with cheap budget airs like Ryanair - without having to pay the monthly $200. I guess it's a good way to lock in the price.

Definitely useful in the US though, and worthwhile if you do a lot of business travel!


Cheap flights within the same continent


Not that much cheaper than low-budget airlines (Ryanair, etc.)