Skydio R1

The self-flying camera has arrived

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The R1 is a fully autonomous flying camera. With the introduction of R1, the company is taking a step toward the future of autonomous drones and enabling a new type of visual storytelling.

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  • Pros: 

    It has convinced sufficeintly


    If traced by a stiff opponent options are bright

    Under hash weather or wild terrain a blend of team drones could handle or aid a search and rescue had to be tested in snow and rain and out at sea....I am from a fishing community...the need to go out from a boat out at night in a sormy weather can help your designers come up with very sturdier designs...but i greet this achievements that has breaking into new grounds of better efficiency...kudos guys Skydio R1

    James Okon has never used this product.
  • Saeed Hessami
    Saeed HessamiVeteran engineer & project manager

    Very nice idea and design. Excellent tracking of a single individual in an open area.


    A bit pricey. Flight duration is short.

    Not sure how it would track a single individual in a crowded area - i.e. on a ski slope?

    Saeed Hessami has never used this product.
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Chris Messina
Chris MessinaHunter@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
Not sure I've got $2500 to spare for this one.
Sam Campbell
Sam Campbell@campbellcapital · Seeing the future and those who make it
Looks awesome! And brought Marc Andreessen out of his twitter freeze.
Raul San N.H.
Raul San N.H.@raulsann · Product & co-founder at
Would it work for an activity such as kitesurfing where there are kites flying connected to people via thin cords that could impact against the drone? Could the drone dodge the kites and the cords?
Jorge Hurtado
Jorge Hurtado@imyoyo · Entrepreneur from Guayaquil, Ecuador.
Can someone explain why so many drones have batteries that last only 15-20 minutes? I genuinely want to understand this from a technical perspective. Can't handle more weight? It makes it way more expensive?
Johnathan Spencer
Johnathan Spencer@johnsponsler · freelancer, Android OS development
Pricey a bit. But I love the idea though. I bet the first customers are the professional photographers. For these guys, it's quite an interesting new toy to play with. I wonder how long this "bird" can fly per charge?!