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Skydio R1

The self-flying camera has arrived


The R1 is a fully autonomous flying camera. With the introduction of R1, the company is taking a step toward the future of autonomous drones and enabling a new type of visual storytelling.

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Calliope Georgousi
Eugene Liang
Shawn Kirsch
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  • Pros: 

    It has convinced sufficeintly


    If traced by a stiff opponent options are bright

    Under hash weather or wild terrain a blend of team drones could handle or aid a search and rescue team...it had to be tested in snow and rain and out at sea....I am from a fishing community...the need to go out from a boat out at night in a sormy weather can help your designers come up with very sturdier designs...but i greet this achievements that has breaking into new grounds of better efficiency...kudos guys Skydio R1

    James Okon has never used this product.
  • Saeed Hessami
    Saeed HessamiVeteran engineer & project manager

    Very nice idea and design. Excellent tracking of a single individual in an open area.


    A bit pricey. Flight duration is short.

    Not sure how it would track a single individual in a crowded area - i.e. on a ski slope?

    Saeed Hessami has never used this product.
  • Pros: 

    This looks crazy good! The future is obviously here.



    The product itself is borderline Sci-Fi. It looks amazing! We'll need to face the facts though - robots will rise sooner than we thought.

    Vjeko Skarica has never used this product.
  • Miguel Perez Alvarez
    Miguel Perez AlvarezInnova Schools and UNAM

    Huge capacity to register activity


    needs to let user code and change settings over personal needs

    It would be interesting how evolve price ober time

    Miguel Perez Alvarez has never used this product.
  • Blaise Gauba
    Blaise GaubaCopywriter

    Too freaking COOL!


    It's TOO cool? Hahaha!

    Wow! Amazing! Love it! I want one!

    Blaise Gauba has never used this product.