Get actionable insights to lead teams with confidence.

Skuap is a digital platform that uses personality tests to obtain actionable insights for leaders to create, manage and guide teams with confidence.
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Hello PH Community, we are @gmaxi_, @ramsescabello and @fransalerno makers of Skuap 🧡, a digital platform that gives leaders 📌actionable insights from team members through personality tests, allowing them to ✅create, ✅motivate and ✅engage teams. When 96% of leaders feel some degree of burnout and 60% of people leave their jobs as a result of ineffective management, we think it's essential that leaders are empowered to look after their own and others wellbeing and motivate and support their teams in a sustainable way. We are happy to answer any questions or any feedback provided 💬 Thank you, Maxi, Ramses and Fran! @gmaxi_@ramsescabello @fransalerno
Looks amazing 👏🏻👏🏻
Very innovative app, guys!! Well done!
@tomas_campodonico Thank you, let us know when you try it and have some feedback
Awesome!!! Creative one!!!