Paper book that connects to your tablet to power memories

Skrappify is a paper scrapbook augmented by digital content on the screen of a tablet. Each page of the book is linked to a unique digital design, created by the user on the Skrappify app with drawing tools, photos, videos, emojis, stickers, frames and more. Traditional arts and crafts meet Snapchat-like design tools.

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Hello hunters, and thanks for the hunt @mubashariqbal ! I’m the founder and CEO of Magikbee and we're very excited to be here again with this exciting project! We started Skrappify because we believe that our physical and digital memories should be together. The ticket of an amazing concert and the photos and videos that we made that day. The instant photo we took at that awesome party and all the other photos and videos that made it so special, the first doodle of my daughter with a video of her drawing it. Before Skrappify I couldn’t have these pieces of memories all together, but now I can and it’s amazing. Skrappify is not just a project that I designed, it’s a project that I need as a customer and that I believe others will easily relate. 🔥🔥To celebrate our presence on Product Hunt, we will give a 20% discount to the Product Hunt Community. We have limited quantities, so grab it fast. Go to and use the code → PHSK20 ← at the checkout. 🔥🔥 Please comment and give us feedback.✅
I love the idea! Curious, would Skrappify print my photos and send them to me along with the kit? Or would I need to print them myself?
@zelena Hi Elena! Thanks for your comment. Actually skrappify is a blank canvas that lets you create with your own content (photos, videos, tickets, drawings and more). It doesn't come with your own printed photos, but your idea is great. That's something that we will definitely add to our roadmap. 😃 Probably partnering with some photo printing companies, could be interesting. Thank you so much for your idea. 😍

In addition to several advantages, it is an inexpensive, practical product to carry and we can use anywhere, online or offline! It is impossible to give azo to the imagination with a phygital album.


Save memories in a unique way. Build a physical and digital memory album at the same time! ;)


For now, none!

@hugofiliper @josepedrosimao Skrappify looks really entertaining! We would like to offer you to publish an interview about Skrappify at please PM me at for more details
@josepedrosimao @startupradius @paul_shuteyev Thanks Paul for your feedback. Skrappify is really entertaining for the all family and a great way to save your best memories. I'll get in touch with you for the interview.
@josepedrosimao @hugofiliper Glad to hear that! Will be waiting for your message. Have a good day guys!
Great idea..... Everyone can make a memorie book by joining the physical with digital. Love it.
@raquel_pregueiro Thanks for your feedback! 😉