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SKORR is a social media app that will put you in control of your presence online. It will measure your influence and give you a unified vision of all your social media accounts

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Matt Navarra
Matt Navarra@mattnavarra · Social media consultant. Facebook geek
@miguelcaeiro Im more interested in the follower and post analytics features than the social score. Just frustrating that it has bugs - I had to connected/disconnect/reconnect my social profiles to get it to start tracking my accounts... I still can't get it to work for my YouTube or LinkedIn accounts
Miguel Caeiro
Miguel CaeiroMaker@miguelcaeiro
@mattnavarra Matt, some of the social media platforms were quite unstable this past days that indeed caused some bugs. We’re trying hard to revert that. YouTube and LinkedIn logins are pretty stable now. For the time being LinkedIn is only including the first 500 connections. We are expecting that they release a higher integration any time soon. Monitoring your performance in an integrated way, having control of your life online, and in a few weeks you will be able to get tips and tutorial on how to improve based on your own goals.
Miguel Caeiro
Miguel Caeiro@miguel_caeiro · CEO, Skorr
@miguelcaeiro @mattnavarra Skorr is a tripod of 1)Measure 2)Monitoring and 3)Improve. The Measurement part it's just the entry point, with a sophisticated algorithm that takes into account over 32 different kpi's. But the key advantage for users will be on the Improvement stage, where features of prevention, security and intelligent posting will be released, after the machine learning engines know more about you and your ecosystem.