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Cheers to @_cameronmills for hunting Skorch, and a big thanks to all who are reading this. I'm Lane, the Founder & CEO of Skorch. I'm pleased to be a new addition to the PH community. I love reading your comments, and answering your questions. Thank you for your interest and support! So, what is Skorch? Skorch shows you the hottest places, and what they're like right now. Just like the bars, restaurants, events and attractions it features, Skorch constantly changes. The hottest places fluctuate throughout the day, like they do in reality. Why Skorch? Because review sites are so five minutes ago. Places are always changing. Now, you can keep up. How does it work? The warmer the color, the hotter the place is right now. The hotter the place, the more social and Skorch-generated content you'll see. How else is Skorch useful? Skorch is a real-time depiction of places, but also includes all of permanent information you need - address, website, hours of operation, pricing, attire, parking, cuisine options, and more. Android? More cities? Skorch 1.0 has launched in LA for your iPhone. We're excited to be expanding to other cities, and launching on Android very soon. If you use Android or live outside of LA, please stay tuned by following @getskorch on Twitter, Instagram, and FB. You can also sign up for emails at I promise, they don't suck.
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Finding what's best in the real time is becoming essential today. And this app does exactly that, at least by the screenshots. I can see this becoming a big thing in the near future.
@akshaybharwani Why don't you download it and find out? @producthunt is a place to gain constructive criticism- If you're going to comment, make it impactful.
@williamb3ntley @producthunt Because I can't. I don't own a iOS device. That's why I made a comment just inferring from the screenshots and the video.
@akshaybharwani that would make perfect sense, however you should think about switching- the Samsung edge- come on now. Garbage 😘
@williamb3ntley @akshaybharwani And the holy war begins.
I downloaded the app and I really dug the simple loading screen/animation, great work there! The tutorial screen was easy and well laid it out. But was a bit confused, had I logged in? Am I missing key features only someone who has made an account can see? Pros: - Love how you connect venues to social media. This is so beneficial for those trying to get a vibe of how a place is, in as close to real time as one can get. It's not perfect and I think the UI can be better to focus on the photo/videos more - Search is simple and works - Filter works, but hard to tell which filtered section you are in Cons: - Facebook/Twitter initial sign in (you'll instantly pull the data you need in 1 step. Users then can create username and password) - Even though it's two clicks, it flows much better and doesn't strain initial users as much as filling in manually 5 fields. - Accuracy: I live in LA, and I have friends who are currently at the Bungalow and say it's pretty packed, and the App currently says otherwise. Not sure how you are doing this currently. - UX/UI: Not a con per se but needs that one key missing ingredient I think it could be a useful tool, but it needs work. Being that it is your MVP- it's time to move. I think your key here is getting realtime analytics on the crowd level or "hotness" as close to perfect (real-time) as possible. I would like to see the UX/UI have a bit more life, I do like how simple it is, but it needs some zing! Maybe a profile which allows users to input the "hotness" of a place like Waze does to Maps/Directions. Could incentivize users with points they can redeem for discounts at their favorite venues... idk. Keep going! It's just the beginning! Wish you the best! -Wills
@williamb3ntley Thank you for your thoughtful feedback. In response to your comment about accuracy, The Bungalow actually has been heating up on Skorch throughout the afternoon. Looks like a fun day for your friends to be there! Also, to address your confusion about logging in, Skorch allows users to browse without requiring a login. However, one must create an account to post to Skorch (bottom bar, center button). Thanks for your comments and well wishes, William. Cheers to you!
@lanepetrauskas Ha- saw one of their grams in-app. Nice!
I'm wondering how the app determines if a place is hot or not?! Lots of Uber request, Lots of checkins, hmm...
@dredurr Thanks for your question, Deandre. Skorch aggregates posts from Skorch users, Instagram, Twitter and Foursquare, in real time. Like places, Skorch constantly changes. The hottest places on Skorch fluctuate throughout the day, as they do in reality! You can see what's hot right now, and what's happening, as it happens.