Skorch 2.0

Skorch shows you the hottest places, right now.

The Huffington Post named Skorch the #1 app in "Five New Apps That Are Changing How We Live". Skorch's curated heat map keeps you in-the-know about the best restaurants, bars and coffee shops, and what they're like right now. Create your own hotlist, follow friends and influencers, and review places in real time.

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Installed it. It asked me to create an account before even letting me try the app. Uninstalled it.
@robjbye came here to say exactly this. sorry guys, can’t be doing this these days!
@ludodeangelis Yup. I'm more than happy to give my email once you've showed added value or at least a preview of what the app does.
@robjbye agreed. I actually don’t even mind if there’s a ‘Login with FB’ option. My digital is footprint is much too large so my privacy is trash anyway.
@ludodeangelis Might be time to revive my old hotmail account with 100k unreads!
@robjbye sounds like a plan!
Made for by my dev studio at Enjoy! "What’s the hottest nightclub in Miami? The best coffee shop in New York? The most outstanding restaurant in Chicago? You can rely on word of mouth for answers to these questions, and you can read the totally subjective reviews on Yelp, puzzling it out yourself. Or you can use Skorch—an app that answers these questions using evidence-based data. The app was created by Lane Petrauskas, a veteran advertising creative from Indianapolis, Indiana. Currently available in LA, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Austin, and Miami, with more cities coming soon, Skorch creates heat maps of places to go, giving users a visual guide to the hottest places near them. Users can review places as they visit them and even create their own lists of hot places. Their “skorching” (to coin a term here) helps generate buzz and influence others. It’s a fast, easy, and fun way to stay up to date on the hottest and up-and-coming places in your city." Says who? Huffington Post.
what does “evidence based data” mean?
@bulleitandcoke everyone else uses"alternative facts".
@bulleitandcoke @chrismessina Sometimes I wish there was a like button in PH! (upvote is just not the same).
Hi team - really exciting. What unique features does Skorch have over Snap Maps? Really curious how you see the intersection of what you're working on vs. Snap.
Doesn't that concept already exist 10 times over? How different are you to what already is out there? (Not meant in a mean way, just really curious why I should download that app when the 10 previous ones have failed me).