Sketchnotes Workbook

The illustrator from Rework shows you how to draw your notes

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I love this book! I actually love this book so much I made a video review of it with my friend Jason Womack:
If @rohdesign shows up here, here's a question: What's the best way to start sketchnoting on an iPad? What app + stylus should I look at?
@mijustin I really like Penultimate, Adobe Ideas and Paper. Sketchbook Pro and Procreate are cool too. Also, Bamboo Paper.
@mijustin stylus faves: Stylus Socks, 53 Pencil are my current ones.
@mijustin Last thought: approach the iPad as an experiment. Some apps will work with large canvases and zooming, in others you might have to focus on capturing fewer (or one) idea per page because of resolution. That last approach has worked well for me and I can point to some work my friend Craighton Berman has done on the iPad for Milan Design Week: The concepts of sketchnoting (notes plus) work well on both analog and digital forms, but as with anything, there are trade-offs to the choices. :-)
Found out about this earlier today through the great medium post in the related links, which has a handful of other resources to become a better sketchnoter.
@virjog Excellent. Can you share that link here? I think I know the one you mean, but I don't want to assume. :-)
@virjog That's the one!
Peachpit just posted the Sketchnote Planning chapter from the Workbook on their site as a web article: Also, here's a sample of the video quality in the 32 episode (2h 41m) video series that's included with the book, created my video storyteller Brian Artka:
Finally, here's a sample chapter as a PDF on Sketchnoting Food: I hope that's helpful. If you have any questions, let me know! Mike