Start drawing easily using augmented reality

#5 Product of the WeekDecember 30, 2016

SketchAR puts virtual images on paper to let you trace drawings from your phone. SketchAR is for those who have always wanted but have never been able to draw. Also, the app is designed for professional artists as a simple and convenient way to trace sketches onto any desired surface (e.g., canvas, wall, etc.).

Kalina Ivanova
Soumyajit Pathak
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    You can design great things like your own logo as you see it.


    need more templates

    We are all witnessing everything with our phone so it'll be easier to skech a scene for a book or anyother publication without the actual photo.

    ALAIN BWABREY has used this product for one day.
Now I just have to be able to draw a straight line.
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@gabriel__lewis First step of sketch can be not so straight. After that you can draw a straight lines
Great idea. Can't wait to get my hands on this!
The demo looks promising :) Hope to be able to try it ASAP !
@benj_malartic Thank you, Benjamin. We are test our beta now and working hard to give opportunities for people enhance their skills
Wow. I think this (along with the innovation from MSQRD) are the most promising AR projects to date. Can't wait to try it out!
@tomfrazier Thank you, Tom. I really appreciate your opinion! It is very motivate us
Love your website design, everything is on point!