Sketch2React is is a framework and a React web app that converts Sketch design files into prototype React code. That spits out real HTML. Very super!

A .sketchplugin that speeds up the workflow + a React render app

No export required!

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Really cool! Responding to other comments: I think this might be more useful for our use-case, where we have a small team maintaining an atomic sketch library, and can build-in some of the "code" features in symbol overrides, and distribute to our team. Nice work!
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@futhey Awesome to hear James and I think your on point here. Further along the road we will create true Sketch to React hand-off…

A very promising project. Can't wait to see where this is going.


From design to code resposive layouts


Requires correct "coding" names

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Hey guys Juan here from Sketch2React. We have created a bunch of very short tutorials to get you started:
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Hey guys, we just added a Components page:
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We know it can be hard to explain what this does so we created:
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