Sketch Mirror 2.0

Preview your Sketch designs on your iOS devices.



Shaun Scholtz
@mediakik · Principal UX & UI Designer @ Mediakik
Where's the Android love?
Julian Lozano
@julianlozanoaz · Designer at Fishermen Labs.
Still waiting for Android.
Terry Xu
@coolnalu · SmackHighTeam, ex. Twitter, TripAdvisor
Just tried it, OMG! FREE, finally! That makes sense! I can slide between art boards and IT JUST WORKS! The future is bright! Thank you Bohemian!
@t55 · Mac'aholic
USB connections, support for iPad Pro and split-screen and multitasking, performance improvements and a new design: the new features of Sketch Mirror 2 are pretty cool. Even without an iPad Pro to test your designs on.
Pedro A. Wunderlich
@pddro · Designer, founder from Guatemala.
At last! Wow, the multi-artboard view is fantastic. Love the new design. USB connection is blazing fast. Great, long-awaited update.