Sketch Icons

Generate a dynamic icon library in less than 5 minutes


A Sketch plugin that allows you to import a set of icons and automatically apply a color mask.

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Caleb Sylvest
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  • Caleb Sylvest
    Caleb SylvestPartner & Experience Designer

    Turn icons into usable symbols, save tons of time, make designers happy


    Usage instructions are a bit lacking

    Love this! I was literally thinking about a plugin like this this morning in the shower. I've been manually/automating my process to lock, scale, colorize icon sets I use. Takes forever! This helps speed that process a tone. Hope to explore the plugin more and look forward to future updates.


    Works great. Used it to create my first reusable icon file for Ionicons.


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  • Pros: 

    Easy to use. Works like a charm


    Some icons (very rarely) wouldn't scale down to the size of the artboard.

    To the creators... I got so excited of using the plugin that I made a quick video demoing the product. I hope you like it:

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  • Steven Fortunato
    Steven FortunatoJourney Driven - Offline Travel Tracker

    Extremely intuitive and highly useful!



    It has been suuch a cumbersome process to do exactly what Sketch Icons does. This also happens to be one of my first products tried on Product Hunt and has definitely given a warm welcome :)

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  • michael peacock
    michael peacockArt Director, UX/UI

    Works well with simple icons


    Works poorly with more complex (flat-colored) icons

    When importing line icons or solid filled icons, it works like a charm, but if you want to import, say, a flat line icon set that has fill and stroke colors, it bugs out and doesn't import it correctly at all.

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  • Abdul Wahid
    Abdul WahidCo-founder, PleasantFish




    Idea to create an Art board of all icons too.

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  • Pros: 

    Time saver



    This is a real time saver plugin

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