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A treasure trove of Sketch app resources

#2 Product of the DayMay 02, 2015

A treasure trove of Sketch app resources. Sharing gems in learning, plugins & design tools for fans of Sketch by @jydesign *Independently advocating since 2014*

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Hello and many thanks for including Sketch Hunt (@SketchHunt) on Product Hunt. I created it as an experimental repository of resources for users of Sketch App. In early 2014 I had started a single page on my personal site to track Sketch resources. This page became fairly popular. However, as time has passed, the list had gotten longer and very challenging to keep organized and usable. Therefore, I thought a “Product Hunt” style directory might be a more scalable – and fun – way to grow a list of useful sites, tools, plugins, etc. There's a great community building around Sketch as a platform and I'm honored to contribute. Feedback and participation is greatly appreciated. Seeing Sketch Hunt listed here has already exceeded my expectations for this humble personal project ;-)
@SketchHunt @jydesign Pretty sweet! Just submitted We love seeing new cool tools that help the Sketch and Design Community find the best resources out there :)
@SketchHunt @galyailiev Thanks Galya, that's published now. It's encouraging to see submissions starting to come in. Truth be told, I've been aware of and must've flaked - because I had thought I had posted already when first setting up the site. Better late than never!
Hi! Really nice idea. Not sure why I didn't have that one :D I like the site. It needs some tweaks (performance, design) but I hope to see many people using it soon. Good luck, and welcome to the community of Sketch website founders :)
@maxlabsde Hi and thanks for taking the time to check out the site. I'm excited that people are finding it useful and I'm compiling feedback (please send ideas via If usage remains steady, I will certainly continue to refine it as best as I can. #SketchFTW
Good use of the Plugin Hunt Theme :) thanks for the kind words James. Mike
I like how you appropriated Product Hunt's design. Unlike Hacker News, the main code of Product Hunt is not open source* for some odd reason which makes it harder to create clones. Perhaps if Product Hunt made it easier (opened up code, etc) there could be a Product Hunt of Products hunts or something similar. * Telescope exists but it doesn't have the styling or some Product Hunt features
@2y4u_ Hi Luke, sorry for the delay in response. Sketch Hunt is built using the “Plugin Hunt” Wordpress theme developed by Epic Plugins (@epicplugins). I've invited them to comment here as well. Mike from Epic has been very responsive when I've had questions. I've invited them to comment here as well. - regards
Sketch Hunt has evolved into more of a traditional blog, without the voting/community features.
I shut this project down in late 2017, here's the rationale: