Sketch and Semplice

Build a custom design portfolio from scratch, zero coding.

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Tayler@tayler2412 · Builder, Designer,
Do you guys do customization?
Matthew VernonMaker@alwysnvr · Product Designer
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Kris Puckett@krispuckett · InVision
Is there a sample, not sure other than an index why this would be worth it?
Matthew VernonMaker@alwysnvr · Product Designer
@krispuckett Hi Kris, there isn't a sample available at the moment – I'm not sure a sample will come in all that handy as it's a technical book and one chapter is worthless without the others. I've added the full contents of the book to outline what it touches upon, but in a gist – I wrote the book because Semplice has become my favourite tool to use to build completely custom websites, but I've found that it has a pretty steep learning curve. The book aims to be a guide to help designs with zero coding knowledge create their own custom portfolio websites, by designing them within Sketch and then taking what they've designed and building it within Semplice.
Kris Puckett@krispuckett · InVision
@alwysnvr - thanks for the response. I will purchase it. I have HTML/CC knowledge but curious about the book.
Matthew VernonMaker@alwysnvr · Product Designer
@krispuckett thanks Kris!