SKEDit Scheduling App

Direct Communication Management & Automation Tool

Schedule WhatsApp messages, SMS, Calls, Emails, & more to be sent automatically at the best time, or set reminders for them. SKEDit is ideal if you want to increase engagement with your customers, automate internal communication with your team, or simply to stay on top of your communication with family & friends. Get SKEDit now for FREE

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Hi Guys, Hass from the SKEDit team here. SKEDit is a direct communication management tool that helps users increase their communication effectiveness & efficiency through scheduling & automation. It is currently available on Android, for free, and integrates with the following services: WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, Email, SMS, Phone Call (reminder-only), and Facebook. SKEDit allows users to prepare their communication schedule in advance, choose the optimal time for their message, manage different channels in one place, and send their messages automatically without lifting a finger. All a user needs to do is choose the service he wants to schedule, fill in his content, select the date & time, and that's it… the app will do rest. Some cool features: + Auto send WhatsApp text & attachments to multiple contacts/groups/broadcast lists at the same time + Set custom repeats to messages + Create Email & SMS contact groups + Add notes to your call reminders + Manage your schedule with a clear card layout that can be filtered and searched through SKEDit is ideal for businesses looking to engage better with their customers, teams looking to automate internal communication with their members, and anyone looking to stay on top of his communication with family & friends. 🙏 We'd love to get feedback and I am more than happy to answer any question ^_^