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Nice one. Can I know how sity is different from TeamFeed. Many companies are moving to slack now-a-days so how sity is different from creating a channel in slack and updating the statuses in the channel.
@srebalaji Hello! Great question. Slack integrations such as team feed simply allow you post and follow a teams updates. For some people that is simply all they need. Now regarding slack you’re absolutely right more and more teams are using slack within their company. In fact we use it as well. But we have found some limitations when using slack to update the team. In our specific example we created a Daily Stand Up channel so every morning anyone who was in the office could simply post their update to that channel. Because Slack is an endless stream of conversation we found in increasingly difficult to give feedback on a specific update without getting lost in the flow of communication. With Sity not only can you post what you have done/working on but you can comment on that specific update. The comments can either be public or private(one-on-one). You can always refer back to these specific conversations by going to the post in the feed view or a persons profile. Conversations are not lost in an endless feed. Maybe you have some feedback on a specific item for your employee? It is difficult to post it publicly say within a Slack channel. In Sity you can give feedback directly on an update without making a person feel like they are being called out in public. Finally we allow a person to tag up to three specific skills for each post. These skills are aggregated into the persons profile and can used later to see what a person has done using a specific skill or to see what person on your team has the specific skill(s) you’re looking for. I hope this answers your question. If not please feel free to shoot me more questions. Also if you have a chance check out the app and let me know your thoughts. 😀
Great work Sity team!
@adamdepasqua thanks!! we're appreciate the support :)
HI There! I'm the Co-founder & CEO of Sity. We created Sity to share what people get done, give feedback, and track skills within teams. We normally offer a 14-day free trial, but for Product Hunt users we are giving you a 31 day free trial if you create your team by using this link: Here is a link to our mobile app: if you'd like to check it out. Please feel free to ask questions and let us know what you think. Boom.
@feliciamoghadam got the error "dashboard doesn't work on mobile devices" when I tried to hit the site?
@feliciamoghadam Fantastic design! Super clean and minimal. Any integrations planned? It'd be cool to be able to automatically pull in tasks completed in project management software and be able to post updates in Slack.
@afhill Hi There, Andrea I'm Dana the CTO of Sity. Currently our dashboard does not work on mobile. But the good news is you can create your team from the mobile app if you'd like. Let me know if this helps.
@imakestrides Thanks! We spent some a lot of time going over the design before writing a single line of code. We wanted to make the app visually pleasing. We find our users returning to the app often and the last thing we want is for a user to experience what we call UI Fatigue. 😀 Regarding integrations here is what we have planned. First we’re working on a Slack integration so can you post updates directly to Sity from Slack. As far as other integrations in the future we plan to work directly with project management apps or Github for example. That way project updates or commits will automatically be shown in the Sity feed and the users profile. If you have any more thoughts please share them with me.
Really good. Great work good luck