SiteStacks for Firefox

Simple Firefox extension for advanced tech lookup of any URL

SiteStacks for Firefox is a lightweight, yet powerful browser extension to reveal the technology behind any website.

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We designed SiteStacks for Firefox to be a lightweight tool to see the tech behind any URL/company. When activated, the extension opens the results in a new tab and runs the lookup on our own servers. No background processes are running and the user’s CPU is spared 🙏. While keeping the extension simple, there’s a relentless focus on increasing coverage (now tracking over 40,500 products) and accuracy (data from a number of lower-confidence methods has been hidden). Interested in a data partnership? The extension has seen some decent & consistent organic growth 📈 since quietly launching it a few weeks ago. We’re keeping the stats page public so you can follow yourself and track the impact of a Product Hunt launch. 🐱🚀
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Really useful, implementing this into my workflow. Thank you!
I'm Firefox-biased so I had to instantly try it when I saw it. You've a useful product here guys! Some random feedback / comments: 1) I don't know why, but I expected it to open the stack list in a little pop-up, like Google Tag Assistant does. Maybe it'd be more handy this way? 2) While the plugin is still useful and does its job, I felt like creating a plugin to just open a tab with an URL isn't a game changer. I could do a bookmarklet for achieving something similar. Maybe it'll be good to have something like I said in the point 1, or an integrated windows inside the same tab, so we have more useful functionality besides your website. 3) is able to identify that my Wordpress site uses the Genesis framework. Just a heads-up for if you find interesting to add the Wordpress frameworks and themes to the database :) That's all. All in all, a good extension to have enabled! Let me know if you agree / disagree with any of my comments, always happy to discuss! :)
@angelblan_co Ángel, thanks for taking it out for a spin! We opted for a minimalist approach in order to keep the extension as lightweight as possible and to guarantee/reiterate that the crawl and processing is all happening on our servers rather than using up your resources or slowing down your browsing. It also gives us more real estate to work with and not feel pressured to cram stuff into a small window. I understand that you have a preference for opening up in the same tab and that's helpful feedback. What we've thought about this is that we could show some summary stats in the pop-up window with a link to the full view on the site.
Great job!! Does this work for chrome ?? 😊
Any plans for a Chrome version? Ditched Firefox completely after they took it upon themselves to install advertising plugins without the users permission
@ishan_gupta Could you maybe add the chrome link here? This post has the Chrome Extension tag for some reason.