SiteStacks for Chrome is a lightweight, yet powerful application to reveal the technology behind any website

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When we first launched SiteStacks, we got a lot of great feedback. So we got down to work 👷, made some improvements, and addressed our #1 request - creating this Chrome extension! 👊🏾 We opted to go really minimalist here - no fluff. Unlike other extensions, SiteStacks for Chrome doesn’t download any of your browsing session's content or use the host’s CPU to interpret it - only the active tab URL is passed along. There are no background processes that could become a privacy or security vulnerability or slow down your browsing - the lookup is all run on our own servers. In addition to this Chrome extension, SiteStacks now has a true real-time lookup that can fetch data on any domain, pre-fetched data on a couple hundred thousand additional sites, and better performance overall. You can expect further improvements here in the coming months. Perhaps most importantly, our focus remains on making sure the underlying data is best-in-class. We’ve improved in terms of coverage (now tracking over 40,000 products - including many that are quite niche) and accuracy (thanks in good measure to the awesome Siftery community!). This is the same data that drives some of our other products, like our new Product Recommendations AI: Hope 🙏 you find the extension useful, and let us know where you’d like to see this service go from here! 💃
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Cool product. Any plans for a Firefox add-on?
@catapop84 Seriously don't tell anyone, but we just put out an extension there as well over the weekend. We're still testing and polishing.
@ggiaco Thanks Gerry. Just installed it. Great job
@ggiaco - hey, how does this compare to datanyze / builtwith extensions ? I currently use them. I am anyway going to check this out in a bit, but any specific difference would be helpful. Great work on this :)
@ali_motiwalla Thank Ali! There are a number of services out there with tech stack data and the answer might be different for each, so I'll instead focus on what we are focusing on and if it resonates with you perhaps you'll add this to your toolkit! SiteStacks for Chrome is: Lightweight: The extension is only 25 KB (mostly images). The one-click technology lookup runs entirely on our servers. No content insertions or background processes to slow down your browsing. It's like your favorite search engine. Secure: SiteStacks doesn't download any of your browsing data - only the active tab URL is passed along. Great product coverage: SiteStacks is supported by Siftery and its library of over 40,000 products. SiteStaks includes data for some products that isn't publicly available anywhere else. Best-in-class accuracy: The data on SiteStacks benefits from validation form the awesome Siftery community. This built-in constant feedback loop helps us identify data collection methods that are yielding bad data and ultimately promotes best-in-class data accuracy. Some of these points apply to SiteStacks more generally as well. I'd also like to turn it over to you - is there something that you'd like and you're not getting from what you've been using?
@ggiaco Thanks Gerry :) I will certainly try this immediately. love the points mentioned here and will get back in case of any queries. I'd be happy to share a few details that we would be looking at! Just added you on twitter too :) Thanks.
@ggiaco very nice tool! How accurate is the data? I checked our own website and saw a service that I'm 99% certain we don't use, but understand that some services can slip in depending on how the data's collected.
@jrwallenberg Thanks Jacob! Based on our own benchmarking and reports from our partners this is the most accurate dataset of its type, but we also got there by looking closely into feedback like yours. You can either update your profile ( or if you don't mind sharing details to my email (gerry@siftery), we'll definitely take a look and let you know what we find.
@ggiaco thanks Gerry! Credit where credit is due - all but one service was accurate as far as I could tell, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it is the most accurate source of this type. Nice work!
Simple but effective !
Nice, liking this a lot!