Site Audit by Ahrefs

Cloud based website analysis for 100+ SEO issues


Site Audit by Ahrefs is a cloud-based crawler that will scan your entire website (no matter how large it is) and report everything that is wrong with it from an SEO perspective. User-friendly UI and a variety of visual reports will help you make sense of the data and present it to your clients.

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A new way of digital marketing

please add a download feature to download the reports in well format (PDF) so, that we can share that report with our clients i will still use woorank for the same.


Nice feature


Can't download the site audit reports in PDF like woorank to share it with our clients

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Hi Ritu, Might not be the right platform to answer but couldn't resist myself. Why don't you try RoboAuditor from Growth Robotics ( It provides the white label pdf downloads as well as let you publish the tool on your website. It's in BETA currently and its FREE :)
Downloadable PDF version of similar style of site audit is available for Free at
ready2order, Head of Growth & SEO

Ahrefs has been showing more than one time why it is a better solution than Semrush and here it does that again. Really happy to see tools trying to become an All-in-One SEO system. I am sure the capabilities of this tool are enormous so I would love to see some of your awesome blogposts (with the fancy header images) that teach some more indepth logics behind the tool for those of us that aren't knee-deep into tech SEO.


Integrated solution with the power to combine technical SEO with offpage SEO


Hard learning curve

Founder of Icons8

We used to use Botify when it costed $50/mo, it was fun. Ahrefs pretty much reminds that, and it came free with our current subscription.

We've tested our recent release (we've rewritten the whole Icons8 in Vue.js recently).

Promptly, we've found:

1. Broken ahreflang

2. Missing alt texts

3. Non-matching canonicals.

Thanks, guys!

Meantime, I've got questions:

1. While Google crawler shows average _download_ time <200 ms, Ahrefs Audit failed to receive any of the _first bytes_ under 200 ms. How would you guys explain it?

2. It has some charts, but usually everything falls into a single category. We've got some monochromatic donut charts, and a monochromatic treemap mostly consisting of equal tiles.

3. Some things should be clarified. Do exceptions expect regular expressions or substrings? What are compliant pages?


Botify for a fraction of cost. Actionable insights.


Results representation is a work in progress

Marketing @ Everlance

This was just released so clearly it's the first iteration, but I have to say I'm impressed. As always Tim & the team at ahref's deliver.


Easy to use, very detailed.


None yet!


UI is so clean. If you want a downloadable PDF version of similar audit, head on over to (Disclosure: I'm the owner)




Not Free

The Coding Institute

A Detailed Crawl, one of the best in the industry


Indepth Crawl


Very Slow

Digital Marketing Manager

I use this tool for backlink analysis and broken links.


Deep dive crawling of the website and good for overall site audit.


Very expensive. Very limited data is available in the free plan.


Ahrefs is a power pack competitor analysis tool filled with information such as website traffic and top pages.


Probably the most extensive web crawler among SEO tools

Recent and wide-ranging keyword alerts sent to your email daily


Low limits and restrictions on the $99 plan make that plan not worth it

No integration with Google Analytics or Search Console