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Daily tappable tech news from Product Hunt 😻

Every weekday, Sip surfaces the most interesting and important tech stories of the day, from breaking news to profiles on favorite tech products.

5 months ago, we launched Sip for mobile - now it's here on Web! πŸ–₯️

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Chad Whitaker
Product Designer at AngelList ✌️
Earlier this year we launched an experimental app called Sip: a fun way to stay informed on most interesting and important tech stories of the day. Today I'm excited for us to bring the same Sip story experience directly to Product Hunt! And not only that, we are getting everyone involved by introducing commenting to all stories. Now the entire community can join the discussion and add their thoughts to a breaking story. It has been great working on Sip with Kristian, Nick, and Justin this past year. I can't wait to show you what we are cooking up next. P.S. We are hiring a Head of Social Media at Product Hunt. I'd love to work with you too!
Mike Coutermarsh
Used to build Product Hunt. Now GitHub
@chadwhitaker fancy gif Chad. πŸ’ͺ
Kristian Freeman
indie hacker and developer advocate
🎊 Super excited to finally release this! When I joined Product Hunt earlier this year, the Sip mobile app had just launched - Chad and I quickly got to work on sketching out what the Sip experience could look like on the web. It became apparent really quickly that bringing this story format to web was something really engaging: with the addition of commenting on web, it's a really neat way for the Product Hunt community to participate in the really fast-moving world of tech news. The future of Sip News is really exciting, and I'm hyped for what we have planned! Thanks to Chad, Nick, and Justin for being great teammates on this project 😍 it's been a blast!
I really like Sip News, but unfortunately I am not completely happy with this update. It was nice that I was able to read the news as a full article, and it wasn't set up for me in a way that I could get only small chunks at a time. I really hope that on the web there will be a way for users to decide themselves which way they want to read Sip News, either like an article, or a Snapchat-like story
Michael NahuFounder, hireitem
@andrey_lukin as in, like a quick 20 second highlight video on the story rather than reading for 4 minutes? go make it yourself. sounds like a great idea.
@michael_nahu No, I mean I liked how it was since it was an article instead of bite size sentences. I dont need to be clicking something to read it
Michael NahuFounder, hireitem
@andrey_lukin okay, well I plan on making the quick 20 second vid story ;)
Michael NahuFounder, hireitem
@andrey_lukin Thanks for the idea haha
Sharan MakarlaOverlord, Shark Inc
@andrey_lukin Completely agree. It was great to just skim through everything in one go instead of having to click multiple times. It might work great on mobile, but on desktops it's not good UX
Ryan Belisle πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’»Dir. of Product @ Nexcess | CEO @ Forge

Sip - the app - has become one of my go-to sources for keeping up to date with tech news on the daily and additionally supplements my other sources in general. Breaking down the key points of articles, while still allowing you to "deep dive" into them if you want, is an insanely efficient way of reporting on what's going on.

Now that it's accessible via the web, it's definitely made my bookmark list.

The design itself stays true to that of the app, in that it's clean, visually appealing, and allows you to get to the stories themselves without needing to to really think about how to do so.

As far as the stories themselves, having them load within the same window - and allowing the use of keyboard shortcuts - makes it super easy to get through the stories with the same simplicity of the app itself.

Zero issues as far as cons go with this, but one cool feature in the future might be browser push notifications to alert you as soon as a new story is posted.

Awesome job to everyone involved! 🀘


- Clean Design

- Awesome UX as far as navigating between stories goes

- No article spam, just interesting ones.

- Easily absorbed format


None that I've noticed so far! πŸ‘

Leo Bassam
Founder, CEO at
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