Quick, Fast & reliable SDK for microcontrollers

A quick, fast and reliable way to program your microcontrollers using Singularity SDK. Write programs for your uC in the language of your choice, use Arduino libraries out of the box, reuse code modules written in any supported language.
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Apoorva Singh
Founder of Podnet
Singularity was born out of our frustration of developing application programs for different microcontrollers. After configuring build tools, interpreting vague error messages, reading incomplete documentation and code samples along with numerous other problems. We were forced to think of a better way of programming our microcontrollers 🤔. We wanted: 1. Great Developer Experience 😄 2. Simple module reuse ♻️ 3. Make use of existing modules (Arduino) 4. Support for multiple languages 💻 5. Near-native speed 🚅 To address this problem we started out on our journey of building Singularity SDK and it: 1. Supports multiple languages 2. Supports multiple microcontrollers 3. Code is compiled back to C for better performance 4. Has amazing documentation, code samples and guide 5. Allows you to use existing Arduino libraries out of the box 6. Allows you to write cross-language libraries. i.e. write your library in one language and use it in another language. 7. Has helpful compilers errors to pinpoint the source of the problem 8. Facilitates faster firmware development! Our vision with this project is to provide an amazing developer experience when building applications for embedded microcontrollers. In the near future, we would like to add support for numerous other microcontrollers and programming languages. Truly democratizing embedded firmware development. 🥳 We are currently preparing for a beta launch, if you are interested please visit our website and signup for our beta program! PS: Kindly spread the word about Singularity so that we can access for something like this. Thank you!