Since You've Been Gone

Deliver personalized on-site & e-mail product updates.

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Now this song is stuck in my head:
@rrhoover I get that every week when we release our SYBG! 😊
@rrhoover First thing I thought about when I saw the title
@rrhoover I'm old. I had the refrain from John Waite's 'Missing you'. #OhDear
@rrhoover Who doesn't love a good Kelly Clarkson song? Add in a piece of top-notch tech and what could be better?? 🎤🎤
Automatically deliver personalized on-site & e-mail product update announcements to each of your users.
Daniel from SYBG here. We're so excited and humbled by all of the support from the PH community! Happy to answer any questions about the tool or talk marketing comms and product updates.