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#2 Product of the DayNovember 29, 2014
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I just recently came across this site and I really liked the infographic style of explaining the stock market.
@sterlingtoth I agree. This is a beautiful way of analyzing stocks/companies.
Thanks @sterlingtoth @tzhongg! I'm Al the founder of @simplywallst, happy to answer any questions.
@al__bentley @tzhongg @simplywallst They should have 'The Snowflake' chart on dating sites as well. Health/Income/Past/Future/Value. Helpful, it would be.
@sterlingtoth @al__bentley @simplywallst Hahaha "net worth" But actually, someone should make this and *disrupt* online dating. Problem is, people would lie.
@sterlingtoth @tzhongg @simplywallst Haha believe me this has been discussed with the team - we were thinking swapping out some of the axis. A 'Sanity' one was top of the list!
@al__bentley @sterlingtoth @tzhongg @simplywallst I was sitting here thinking to myself that the name sounded a lot like the new name of the company formerly known as Ninjavest. Then I took a look and I'm like, "Wait, this IS the dude I know!" Been fun watching your journey all the way from Startup Weekend Perth to Product Hunt. Congrats man, you've put together a great product!
Interesting analysis on companies. Seems a bit challenging to keep up with the vast majority of the stock market to get to the same level of detail. I liked the one line analysis summary presented for each company.
Some articles: Idea Genesis: SWPerth Endorsement:
Recent Interview:
Thanks @rossdcurrie - its been quite the journey so far, and hopefully its just the start :)
Thanks for sharing this @sterlingtoth.