Book about about using minimalism to not only declutter your physical items, but using minimalism to simplify different areas of your life such as finances, health, relationships and personal growth.

Companion website offers resources and checklists to help guide you on your journey.

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I'm so happy to announce to you that Simply Minimal is now published. It feels so good to finally check this off of my todo list. It took me 2 years to write it and I finally had the courage to put it as a priority in my life to finally get it done. I didn't want this to be just another book on minimalism. Minimalism books are focused on the stuff. On physical clutter. And, yes, physical clutter is a root cause of stress, but there are other areas of our lives that can be improved with the principles of minimalism. So, I made this book to be my stepping stone. A reference book in case I get stuck in my life. And since it will help me, my next hope is that it can help someone else as well.
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