We provide personalized email for all your domains.

Build your brand and increase customer trust with a professional email address like Or just get a nice email address for your side project. Simplimail offers plans starting from $0.99/month and features like DKIM key signing.
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Hi everyone, I’ve come with the idea of Simplimail while I was searching for a inexpensive email hosting service for one of my side projects. Unable to find something I’ve decided to make one myself. Although I’m a maker for many years this is the first project I’ve decided to share with the world 🌍 . I plan on growing Simplimail in something much bigger and ambitious as time goes by. Please ask any questions and leave feedback if you can. I’m eager to hear what you have to say. Thank you, Robert
I'm very impressed so far. Love the product and the customer support is top notch! Set up took under 20 minutes.