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Do you users tell you when your website goes down? Do you hate losing customers again on your website because of bad response time? Its now easier than ever using Simple Ops, which does performance, uptime and ssl checks with global monitoring with alerts.
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πŸ”₯ PH LAUNCH SPECIAL 80% off on our Startup plan for lifetime. Start monitoring your website for life without paying every month. πŸ”₯ πŸ‘‹ Hello hunters! After 6 months of planning, coding, testing it is finally ready. Simple Ops, a simple website performance and uptime monitoring for everyone. πŸ“– Story A year back, while I was trying to measure performance for Visa List as it became a huge content website with more than 100K pages. Also as data is changing very frequently, it's very hard to keep doing this manually. I searched on google and found that all the solutions are just uptime monitoring and nothing and none of them truly measure performance. So I decided to build one for myself for myself. Along the way, I realised there is a huge opportunity as only very few use performance monitoring tools as they are very costly. So that when i thought why not give a free solution with basic features of performance monitoring along with uptime checks. But it turns out website performance monitoring is not so simple after all and with the pandemic, I had very less motivation let alone travel anywhere. It took me 3 months to do research and plan out the architecture to the last detail, all the while working on Coronavirus tracker on and two months to build and one month to test. And finally Simple Ops was born. I've worked on this with passion, some doubts πŸ€” and lots of love πŸ’– from friends, family and the indie community. I made everything on this site mostly by myself 😏 so I'm super excited. πŸš€ Now Since pre launch it's grown to 500+ users and 25+ customers. I have got a lot of valuable feedback from everyone who has used it so far. πŸ‘‰ Features βœ… A simple dashboard to keep track of health, performance, real time user metrics βœ… Get detailed health performance over time βœ… Find how your website response time is across 5 different regions βœ… Quickly check speed, SEO, PWA and other scores for performance βœ… Get web vitals information for your website βœ… Get lighthouse report directly in your insights βœ… Add multiple monitors in each website βœ… Get alerts for uptime, downtime, speed, response time etc in your favourite channels βœ… Track all your metrics in dark mode πŸ’° Revenue Simple Ops base version is free and I intend to keep it that way as my main aim is to democratise performance and uptime monitoring. For pro features like global monitoring, mobile performance, Chrome UX metrics, SSL checks etc users pay monthly, annual or once for a lifetime membership. It became profitable even before launch with 25+ paid subscribers. πŸ₯… Next I have plans to include API and authenticated pages for monitoring. After that may be to build status pages. My plan is to listen to users and build what they need. My goal is to make performance monitoring easily accessible for everyone. πŸ›  Making I coded, designed and built Simple Ops using VueJS for the frontend, MySQL, PostgreSQL for backend using Golang. I have used a lot of my learning from my first web app Visa List and built upon it in less than two months. πŸ’– Thanks I think every person who has a website and makes revenue through it should never lose customers and i believe Simple Ops is going to help them achieve this. So I would love to know what you think of this and would be more than happy to hear your suggestions and feature requests. Let me know what you want to be added or removed or do I need to build something entirely! πŸ”₯ PH LAUNCH SPECIAL 80% off on our Startup plan for lifetime. Start monitoring your website for life without paying every month. πŸ”₯ This is my 5th microstartup and I’m super excited about it. Love, HaKr!
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Hari is an extraordinary maker who is always inspiring and fun to follow. SimpleOps is his another great tool which I started to use since the day I discovered it. Good luck!
Hari you have an incredible work ethic and discipline. It has culminated in another great product that solves a real problem. It's been great watching you on this journey! Keep it up
@danielsegal6 Thanks, Its been great to be able to built it with the support of our little indie community!
I just tried this with Landr ( I think it's very helpful. Congratulations on the launch!
@sunilc_ i'm glad its helpful
Really cool idea!
@mubbashir10 thanks. Let me know if you have any feedback.
@1hakr Of course. Will share it with rest of the engineering team as well for their input.
@mubbashir10 awesome πŸ”₯