A decentralized alternative to Google Forms

#3 Product of the DaySeptember 11, 2019
SimpleForm is a minimalist, decentralized, privacy-focused alternative to form builders like Typeform and Google Forms.
All form data is only visible to the form creator and no one else. Everything is encrypted and secured via Blockstack.
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Hey PH 👋🏾, @justin_liu and I are happy to launch SimpleForm: a minimalist, decentralized form builder. It was originally built for Blockstack’s Can’t Be Evil Part 2 Hackathon 😈. SimpleForm allows you to easily create forms and surveys that are secure and encrypted using Blockstack. This means that no one else, not even the app creators, will ever be able to access your form data. This makes SimpleForm suitable for collecting sensitive information, but it also works just as well for average use. Future Plans: - More form field options like radio and checkbox. Right now you can only do short and long text - Export data to csv - Single response view - Integration with OpenNode to accept crypto payments through forms Let us know if you have any thoughts or feedback on how we can improve ❤️
Thank you for the support PH! If you have longer feedback, or want to submit thoughts semi-anonymously, let us know in this this 3-question form:
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Looks very clean! Gotta love a minimalist product! :D
@ryzalyusoff M i n i m a l i s m
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@ryzalyusoff @dkb868 😎👉🏼👉🏼
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Great work, I love it ! I see myself using it when there is more question types, and integrations / web hooks / automated actions on response
@gaetan_de_la_ville1 Definitely, we wanted to wait until we had some validation before adding those features. Now it's clear that people want it.
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Love the design Dmitri. This is a great start.
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@wilsonbright Thanks man, that design is all the work of @justin_liu
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@wilsonbright @dkb868 Thanks Wilson!!
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Great! Waiting for the coming features... Export and multiple choice questions are essential.
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@ricalamino For sure, it's at the top of the priority list!