Simple UTM Manager

Save and reuse your UTM campaign parameters for free

A Simple UTM Manager in case HubSpot and the like is too much but Google URL Builder is not enough as you can't save your UTM parameters to reuse.
Manage and organize your campaign URL parameters in one place, so you don't have to copy-paste from Excel.
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Hi Hunters, I created the free Simple UTM Manager to save and reuse UTM parameters. It's for those not on HubSpot and the like, and don't want to pay for a subscription just for this feature. I did it with no code, thanks to @estraschnov, @jphaas1 and the Bubble Team! As a digital marketer I've been using tracked URLs for a while. The business I work for doesn't require complex marketing software like HubSpot or others, that manage many-many aspects of digital marketing. Instead, one of the most frequently visited website I used was Google's UTM campaign builder. It serves a straightforward purpose, but annoyed me that it doesn't allow me to save the carefully thought out parameters so I could reuse later. I maintained a Confluence page about the UTM parameters I used previously and copy-pasted the reusable ones to make sure I use exactly the same.
@jphaas1 @levente_sz Always great to see a Bubble app here!!! Congrats on the launch !
Great tool for all digital marketers πŸ‘
@lachlankirkwood Thank you, Lachlan!