Simple Todo

Open source task manager, straight to the point ✍

#1 Product of the DayFebruary 11, 2018

Minimal todo app made with ReactJs, created due to the complexity of other task managers, such as Todoist or Asana, which make us feel overwhelmed in such a busy world.

Don't have much time to spare? Just jot down some tasks you want to fulfill later and start being more productive.

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Looks dope! Awesome job. Got the domain if you're looking for another domain. Feel free to use :). Either way keep killing that side hustle grind!
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@rhysbeingsocial Thank you so much! & you are free to clone the repo, don't mind if you make your own thing and publish it anywhere haha ^^
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Happy to get myself introduced to the ProductHunt community through this simple task manager I built using ReactJs (and some much needed spare time as well 😅). Feel free to make your own version of it by checking out its source code in ProductHunt!
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there are too many 'simple' or 'minimal' to-do lists but nicely executed nonetheless
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Thanks for letting everyone use the code!
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@jubaedprince Thought it could come in handy ;)
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Nice UI I love it!
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@stevenselcuk omg thanks!
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