Simple Mobile CRM

Simple Mobile CRM makes your life easier.

Simple Mobile CRM makes your life easier.

We organize your email, texts and phone calls for specific contacts into a simple and easy to use app.

The CRM focuses on small teams, and SIMPLICTY is all we care here!

  • Pros: 

    Link note from gmail to this mobile app.



    I've been using "Simple Gmail Note" for some times now, more than happy to see an mobile client that manage note from gmail.

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  • Pros: 

    Smart Call is convenient


    Sometimes the transcription is a bit inaccurate, but in general it works well.

    The Smart Call is cool! The recording and transcription are helpful to dig out some phone discussions.

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Hi PH! 👋 CEO of Bart Solutions here, we previously built the popular extension of 'Simple Gmail Notes' 🙌 Today we are excited to announce Simple Mobile CRM! It's a super simple CRM that targets on small teams, here are some core functionalities: 1. Notes marked on gmail (vis Simple Gmail Notes) could be synced to mobile devices (iPhone / iPad / Android) 2. We provide Smart Calls, which automates call recording, transcription and segmentation. 3. We logged down all action history, which could be searched later 4. Todo, email, contact management, etc... 'Simplicity' is the only thing that matters here, and we try to keep CRM users sane! We provide free member signups without time limit, come and have a try :)
@walty8 Congratulations walty! So, I wonder what's the difference between Simple Mobile CRM and all other CRMs outside? (A bunch of them claims to be simple too..)
@farman28745228 we spent a lot of time working with CRM systems and found that the majority of use was really just trying to keep communication events organized. 90% of the other features just don't get used by small businesses because you don't have a big team to collaborate with. Most people we talked to were managing their opportunities in their email and cell phones. So they are communicating with contacts via text, calls and email and it gets to be a mess especially if you are talking to vendors about different opportunities. So we just focused on a way to bucket communications by opportunity with just a few clicks and left the complexity behind. You just create an opportunity, then add contacts you want to track the conversation with about that topic. If I'm having a conversation with vendor about project A and then another about project B, I can link and sort all the communication history with that contact to an opportunity. For email, we focused the initial launch on gmail, so we sync with simple gmail notes. You add a note, hit sync and it will pull the emails into your conversation log for that contact automatically. You can sync notes back from the app as well. We'll add more platforms as we grow. For calling, the user can just make a regular call and the system will mark the call time or you can utilize Smart Calling (*only available in certain countries) which records and transcribes the conversation in the history. Its pretty slick. Text is marked by timestamp so you know when you sent the contact a text and can look up in the phone history. Hope that helps!
Congrat, Walty! 👍