SilverTech 2.0

Odor-killing underwear made from 100% recycled materials

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Organic Basics are using the latest in fabric technology to create the future of everyday underwear and clothing.

SilverTech 2.0 is made from 100% recycled materials, seamlessly knit for durability and comfort, and treated with Polygiene for odor control. Is this the future of our everyday clothing? Is washing our clothes a thing of the past?

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Justina Vysnia
Rupert Jacobsen
Frederik Galsgaard
  • Rupert Jacobsen
    Rupert JacobsenBusiness Developer in Denmark

    Light, breathable, odorless and completely sustainable


    Nothing I can think of

    I tried them for a week in the testing phase and they were the best underwear I've ever worn

    Rupert Jacobsen has used this product for one week.


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Mateus Souza
Mateus Souza@mateus_souza1 · Love, data and beer,
Cool I tried the 1st Silvertech and it was great - what makes this different?
Mads Haugsted
Mads HaugstedMaker@madshaugsted · Art Director
@mateus_souza1 Hey Mateus, great to see you're back again. SilverTech 2.0 is different from SilverTech 1.0 because it uses only recycled materials and we also use seamless knitting technology for added comfort and durability. SilverTech 2.0 still uses the antimicrobial properties of silver, but in a different in way. We use Polygiene, a safe, blue sign approved recycled silver treatment and apply it directly on the fabric for optimal odor control. Overall, it's more durable, breathable, comfortable, and sustainable. Hope that you decide to give 2.0 a go! Best - Mads
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job!! 😊
Mads Haugsted
Mads HaugstedMaker@madshaugsted · Art Director
@ayush_chandra Thanks, Ayush!
Matt Harney
Matt Harney@matthew_harney · Work @APPEALIE
Upvoting for #sustainability.
Mads Haugsted
Mads HaugstedMaker@madshaugsted · Art Director
@matthew_harney So are we! :-) Thanks, Matt!
Woah.. High-tech underwear. Can’t wait to receive my pledge. Will the odor-killing effect become less efficient the more you wash the product?
Mads Haugsted
Mads HaugstedMaker@madshaugsted · Art Director
@fgalsgaard Hey Frederik! Polygiene actually last the lifetime of the garment. It's not a nano-silver so it won't come out in the wash either. Thanks for the question and for your support!
Mads Haugsted
Mads HaugstedMaker@madshaugsted · Art Director
Hey @_jacksmith thanks for hunting SilverTech 2.0! By using the latest sustainable fabrics and odor control treatment we believe that this is the future of sustainable underwear. Why? 1. Because it's made from 100% recycled materials - that's chemical free, mechanically recycled nylon boxers and tees, and mechanically recycled wool socks. 2. They're seamlessly knit for added comfort and durability - they'll quickly become your favorite underwear and basics, and they won't end up in the trash like the rest of your everyday wardrobe. 3. They're treated with Polygiene to reduce the need for frequent washing. Polygiene is a safe, blue sign approved silver treatment for killing odor on the fabric. Even the treatment is made from recycled silver salt from things like your old photographic equipment. 4. Nylon is a moisture wicking fabric and these have ventilation zones in the critical sweat zones - keeping you dry and fresh all day. Thanks again! Mads - Organic Basics