"I never knew that was going on right near me, in my town"

Millions of events from across the internet all in one place. Sikr is for people who want to live life to the fullest. Guaranteed to find something interesting within 20 seconds. No more missed events due to facebook algorithms or messy notifications. A life well lived.

  • Nathan Frater
    Nathan FraterFounder, Outliers In Orbit

    Loved the interface and the concept.


    Not personally after another app.

    If I was travelling again this is exactly the sort of app I would use. Last time I used herepin and the experience was great, and this app looks better than that.

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  • Vinny Lohan
    Vinny Lohan founder, CoBeats/OneBeep

    Can’t believe its taken people so long! Yaay i have been waiting :)


    I have heard airbnb was also trying to something around events in city you are traveling to. Maybe migjy help?

    look forward to giving it a go!

    Vinny Lohan has used this product for one day.
Hey everyone, Jay here, and got a few members of the team with us for the launch. We built Sikr because we (a) were annoyed with how many events we never found out about due to Facebook's algorithm, and (b) how many events we ended up missing due to the way notifications worked. There's a lot of depth to Sikr that one might miss on the surface. Happy to share with you if you want to come talk to us on the AMA. We're hanging out here: (open on desktop chrome or firefox to chat to us). BONUS: everyone who signs up today will automatically get 50% off of Sikr Premium, if you want to upgrade. There is no need to upgrade, you get unlimited free private events, and one free public event each month. If you want more and you're a bit of a hustler, premium is just $7 per month (usually). Reach out if you have any questions.
Thanks for the kind words @Gary_tuohy
Great stuff Jay, looking forward to seeing how this develops!
@thecoppinger Thanks mate. Your feedback was really helpful as well. Lots of work to do from this launch, already :D
@entrepreter No prollum mate, you da man!
Awesome words of encouragement @debsh. Thank for the awesome feedback before launch!
Interesting concept. Where do you get the events from? Are you taking them from Facebook/ OtherEventsApp, or some is creating them manually? Good luck!
@kristijan94 very good question, we pull from multiple sources, that is correct. Some are manual too. Our goal is to nail the user experience of the user. Right now Facebook is messing up a lot of experience in finding and remembering events, meetup is dying (dead?) and eventbrite isn't community oriented. We're in that perfect space between them all: know what's going on, bring your people alone (or meet them there) and never miss an event.