The world's first personal beacon system (pre-launch)

#3 Product of the DayOctober 06, 2014
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Hi Everyone! I am the Founder and CTO of the IoT Design Shop which has created Signul. It's very exciting to see us here on Product Hunt. Really appreciate your up votes, and happy to answer any questions you might have about Signul!
@big_dad_t Looks very cool and you have already smashed your Indegogo campaign! I would definitely go for the "Welcome home. Launch Product Hunt?" event. What's the vision for Signul?
@thomasmeagher The vision is pretty straight forward. Digital life has become increasingly complex, but there are definitely parts that be automated based on location, time of day, moving toward, or away from an object, etc. That's where Signul comes in. If you always launch your music player when you leave the house, or get in the car, we can help. If you always text your spouse to say you're headed home for the day, we can do that too. Signul simplifies your daily digital life. That's really what it's all about.
This looks awesome @big_dad_t! Can the app be used with other 3rd party beacons?
@DylanLaCom Not at present - the Signul beacons transmit some extra metadata that allows the Apps to discover them and provide a seamless zero-config experience. We may open it up in the future, but manual configuration is significant friction.
@big_dad_t Very cool approach. Have background response times (particularly for iOS) affected the types of interactions you're able to support? How do you see that developing over time?
@zachdunn The background response time is a factor, although iOS is pretty generous in terms of background execution for iBeacon. We've had to do a significant amount of work to manage background ranging properly.
Absolutely incredible response today from Product Hunt and the tech community. I just wanted to say thanks, and let you all know it was a huge motivation for our team. It's great to be noticed, challenged, questioned, etc - everything makes our product better!