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were email signatures ever great?
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@_jacksmith no, till now!
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@goldman_artem @_jacksmith This very cool! Do you think you could give people the option to add their RateMyMail signature (www.ratemymail.com) too? It's a signature that allows people to rate the quality of the emails that you send.
@kevkav that would be interesting!
I like the way Artem wants to make everything great again :) Good luck!
@vasily_kuznetsov Ahah, thank you!
zbs!!!! ;)
Visabot founders Artem Goldman and Andrey Zinoviev not only "Help Immigrants Make America Great Again (tm)", but they also use their bot-building expertise to give back to the community. Over the weekend they've created a SignBot, a slick tool helping you create an awesome email signature in 15 seconds. Check it out. It's pretty rad.
Cool, really cool. I like the presentation with Trump, Kim and Vladimir.